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Project Description
MAISGestao is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Framework.
It aims to create a set of librarys to deal with all aspects of comercial relationship with costumers and suppliers, and to manage the internal data flow of the enterprise.

Main project goals
  • Deal with all the comercial documents burocracy
  • Deal with all legal aspects
  • Ensure the compliance with trade rules
  • Reporting (Business Inteligence)

Principal project areas
  • Costumers and supliers
  • Products and services
  • Documents of the Commercial System (Invoice, Proforma Invoices, Shipping Guides, Credit Notes, Quotes, etc.)
  • Office Managment (EMail; Calendar; Agenda; Tasks; CRM; Document Management)

Secundary project areas
  • Costumers and supliers groups
  • Shipping Addresses
  • Shipping Conditions
  • Banks Information
  • Product Families
  • Product VAT Taxes
  • Product Special Taxes
  • ... and more

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